friendly reminder that the feminist movement shouldn’t need ‘good pr’. do we really need to entice you into thinking we deserve equal rights?

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So apparently feminism is a hate movement. I’m sorry I don’t remember any feminists going on any shooting sprees because they were rejected by men or sending death and rape threats to blogger who pointed out sexism in video games.

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friendly reminder when i say ‘i hate men’ i really mean ‘i hate the patriarchy’ & also probably a little bit ‘jesus please stop talking to me’

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special delivery




special delivery


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The twins. Sooner or later, they will meet the twins. It’s not a world of spies anymore. Not even a world of heroes. This is the age of miracles. There’s nothing more horrifying than a miracle.

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Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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Title: Come and Get Your Love
Artist: Redbone
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I have to dance whenever I hear this song, thanks to Peter Quill / Star-Lord’s legendary dance moves ^_^

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Fake social network masterlist


Just some websites where you can fake texts for iPhone, status from Facebook and stuff like that.

Fake iPhone text generator
Fake iPhone text generator (iOS7)
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Fake direct message (Twitter) 
Fake Facebook status
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Fake Android text

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aww, explosion. 

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Villains with tragic backstories:


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to me, feminism is not about gender equality.

to me, feminism is about the fact that my gender is sexualised so often and casually that our youngest are forced to abide by strict dress codes or fear their right to an education being taken away.

it is the fact that we are less likely to get a job because ‘we’re going to go on maternity leave soon anyway’. like the good we could do is unimportant compared to our apparent ability to conceive — that fact which seems to truly defines us in the eyes of society, regardless of whether or not we want to add ‘mother’ to our long list of titles; after ‘stupid’ but before ‘slut’, probably.

it is the fact we are risking our lives daily just by opening our mouths to say a simple two letter word.

it is the fact that even if we say that two letter word, that doesn’t mean our attackers will listen. it doesn’t mean a thing. it’s just a word. if we say it we become ‘bitch’, ‘tease’, ‘cunt’. we become the worst thing a man can think of and if we don’t become those things? we become victims.

and maybe one day that will change. maybe one day i will be all for gender equality; one day i hope that is something i can say without wanting to cry or scream or hit something because of how much an impossibility it seems. we have been on this planet for a very, very long time and ‘it’s better than it was’ is still not a good enough excuse to do nothing and yet i hear it way too often.

i need to not be given scraps and then told to be grateful.

i need my gender to not be fearful every day of being called names in the street or of being followed home by strangers. i need my gender to be able to trust their coworkers, teachers, friends, family, and then trust that if they are assaulted and are brave enough to come forth about it, they will not be called liars. i need my gender to get the job they deserve because they deserve it, because they want it and fought hard to be where they are. i really need little girls to not be taught to cater to their male counterparts.

i don’t know if i believe gender equality is even possible. i have never seen it or felt it or been able to imagine it. so for right now, i just need you to stop shitting all over women.

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asdfghjkl how do you add links to ao3 notes???

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Women of the World

Photos by Steve McCurry


holy shitballs

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there’s a wolf on your tail.

there’s a wolf on your tail.

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is your w i l l .

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